Task 7: Visual Programming

Option 1: Design a classroom activity that uses an existing Scratch game and that focuses either on (a) understanding the Scratch program or (b) modifying the Scratch program



The Original Pong Game is always a winner in my classroom.  Students focus on the main elements of the game – one ball, single paddle, follow the mouse pointer for left/right motion.


It is then, that the game gets interesting, thinking of past experiences in playing the game on different devices, how and where they have seen this game in action (inbuilt TV, on PC, minigames in Roblox, etc) that they get excited!

Change it up!

Modify it!

How can I make what I’ve seen on other Pong Games?!

Double player Pong, keyboard keys (arrows, WASD), what can I make the space bar do?, level up, switch the backdrop, add music, create a score board (not just the score variable), add an intro page, add a cloud high score, add a game over page and a ‘start the game’ button, change the graphics.

This is one of the best games to teach ‘modifying code’ in Scratch!

Pong Game

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