Task 7: Option 4


Due to the impact of COVID-19, teaching remotely has been implemented into schools globally in order to ensure students are not falling behind academically and socially therefore the importance of computers and digital technology has increased even more. Also leading to digital technology and systems being in high demand. Conducting online lessons is now a common experience most children who are attending school in 2020 have been through, which can be unique but also beneficial in being able to be educated without facing the repercutions of the pandemic. Through using programmes such as RoboBoogie and Scratch, students  are able to display their knowledge and cover concepts through robotics, data base, apps or visual programming languages. In order to deliver content and engage students, RoboBoogie is great in facilitating an online lesson, as students can look at the changing values of a robot for example, changing the learning environment (online) to show variables associated with the value. This can be a great resource in a maths lesson as well, with students incorporating different variables in order to come to a solution – for example it could be used in a maths lesson collecting data to facilitate an algorithmic solution, drawing on concepts discussed throughout this module. Scratch is also great, supposedly a better resource than RoboBoogie which would benefit students working from home more. As Scratch enables students to create imaginary worlds using games and interactive animations – games could be implemented in the lesson plan for students to have a fun online learning experience. As an online setting could also mean potentially increased distractions if they are sitting listening to a teacher talk for a whole lesson online. Visual programming can also assist in group work online which can ensure students are still using social initiatives and interactions to assist each other in their learning, supporting each other to a successful educational outcome.

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