Task 7 Option 4

In lieu of the covid pandemic, schools have been provided with a great opportunity to use digital technology to their advantage and transition into virtual learning. An unconventional way that schools have been able to keep parents in the loop about what is going on is facebook group pages. Schools and individual classes have set up pages on facebook that parents are able to be part of which allows them quick and easy access to any changes due to covid.
Typical programs such as zoom, skype, collaborate etc have been utilised immensely throughout this time, however it is difficult for those who have limited internet access. A way in which students could visually learn without being face to face is if teachers pre-record their lesson, as they would normally teach and then students who have internet access can watch online, however those without could get a copy of the lesson on a usb dropped in their mail box each week with the weeks teaching content.
Teachers can also try to accomodate for hands on learners by encouraging them to use everyday household items that students would have around as tools for learning. For example, instead of using counters in maths which students may not have, encourage students to go outside into their yard and collect rocks or sticks to use as counters.

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