Task 7: Option 4

Option 4: As many schools are teaching remotely online due to Covid-19, in what ways can you facilitate a lesson on visual programming remotely? What tools and approaches would you use to deliver content and engage students in activities from their home? You might also consider ways you address different student needs, depending on resources available to them at home.


To be able to facilitate a visual programming lesson remotely I would first need to ensure that all students have access to a digital device at home such as a laptop or desktop computer.

Then I would look at using a communication program with my class such as Zoom Conferencing where I would be to share my screen with the class so I could give explicit visual instructions to the class. I would have them then create their own and screen shot the coding to send back to me.


For students who do not have access to a digital device I would ensure I had an ‘un plugged’ lesson organised as an alternative. An example of this would be: They are required to create a set of detailed instructions (coding) on how they make their way from the kitchen to the front door. The instructions need to be very specific (how many steps, what directions) and in a sequential order.


By giving the 2 alternatives students are both still practising the skill of designing a set of instructions that create movement for a purpose.

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