Task 7 – Option 4

Option 4: As many schools are teaching remotely online due to Covid-19, in what ways can you facilitate a lesson on visual programming remotely? What tools and approaches would you use to deliver content and engage students in activities from their home? You might also consider ways you address different student needs, depending on resources available to them at home. 
I can make a lesson using visual programming to support the learning needs of my students in the time of COVID-19.
The tools I need would be:
– Scratch
– Make sure all students have an email and a laptop with internet connection
Students need to first find themselves a buddy on Scratch. They can use animals or people. Then, they need to take a screenshot or image of a stage they can find on Google for the backdrop. Once the backdrop is in, they must get their buddy to walk into the centre of the frame and write in their speech bubble, “my name is ___, and today I will be auditioning for Australia’s got talent!” Then they must provide a sequence of movements to create a dance routine. The videos will be sent by email to the teacher and then previewed to the class. Best dance recital wins!
Teachers can use Zoom to assist any students who are stuck, and can also provide them to Youtube links of some inspiration.

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