Task 7: Option 2

Option 2: Describe a classroom activity that incorporates a visual programming environment (it can be any included in this module or another environment that you come across).

Bee Bots have to be one of my favourite visual programming activities. They are fun, engaging and simple to use. I love watching videos where teachers have introduced this learning tool into their classrooms; the students eyes light up with excitement on every occasion. Bee Bots are such a well-designed robotics tool that can be used for many activities and other subject areas such as mathematics, science, spelling and geography.

If I were to introduce Bee Bots into my classroom, a fun and interactive way that I would use them is to set up stations around the classroom where students interact with their spelling words in an activity-based learning environment. For example, one learning station may be that students spell their spelling words using the Bee Bot. The letters of the alphabet will be distributed in order across the floor where students are required to navigate the Beet Bot to each letter of their chosen spelling word.


Here is a link to some extra Bee Bot activity cards that appear to be very useful for classroom use:


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