Task 7: Option 2

Minecraft Education Edition (MEE) is an amazing visual programming tool that I recently learnt about during a university assignment.

MEE is a game-based educational programme, facilitating student’s creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills. The official education.minecraft.net site provides educators with a plethora of activities and lessons which can be implemented into every subject area.

An activity which can be taught using MEE is highlighted below.


Procedural writing

  • Give students a procedure to follow and build in Minecraft.
  • Students partner up and write a strategy guide for their peer, to carry out a specific task in a Minecraft world for e.g. farming animals or how to build a chicken pen.
  • Prior to the lesson’s students will look at existing game strategy guides to understand the format
  • Stages of the procedure should be supported by photos using the in-world camera
  • Their partner will subsequently follow this procedure and carry out the specific task, continuously checking the photos to make sure they are on the right track

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