Task 7, Option 1: Activity to Understand Scratch

The following activity uses existing Scratch games (or features) and focuses on building student’s understanding of the scratch program itself. This means, the activity is best for first or second time users and aims to include scaffolding available on the Scratch site in order to help students become more confident and skilled in this type of visual programming. The activity assumes that some previous lessons or conversations have been had about what ‘coding’ is.

1). First, students will go to the scratch website and go to the ‘Getting Started’ page. They will use the ‘Animate Your Name’ tutorial to bring their name to life. Once students have done their first name, they can be encouraged to try their sir name also and add variation into the animation or to do their nickname and so on. Students can be encouraged to try and modify their coding by, for example, making their name jump into a basketball hoop all at once, and then figuring out how to do it one letter a t a time.

2) On completing this tutorial, students can get into pairs and be given (at random) a scratch coding card which can be downloaded for free or purchased from the scratch store. In pairs. These cards provide step-by-step instructions for coding with scratch and each card corresponds with one of the activities in the ‘Getting Started’ page. Students can read what the activity is on the front of the card and then see the back of the card for coding blocks for them to make the activity come to life.

3) Having had enough time for each pair to work out their activity, the class can move around the room and each pair can share what the activity was, what type of coding blocks they had to make and show the final result.

This is a fun series of steps that allows for students to explore the scratch program, understand what coding in scratch looks like and to practically apply coding skills to build their confidence and excitement related to visual programming.


More example activities can be found here:


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