Task 6, Option 2: Logical Sequencing

For lower primary, as young as Kindergarten, a great activity to explore a sequence of instructions is cooking. This type of activity introduces the concept of and allows children to apply logical sequencing. One way of implementing such an activity with young students is as follows:

Herb Muffins:

Photo sourced from personal classroom experience.

Prior: If there happens to be a herb garden of any sort on site, even if it is just some rosemary plants, during an earlier period of the day, students can take turns going with the teacher or EA to go and collects some herbs

-To begin the session, have a class discussion by looking at the A3 laminated Herb Muffin recipe and method (see picture below) and asking/discussing with students:

-What a ‘recipe’ is
-What ‘ingredients’ are-What ‘method’ means (it is instruction of how to do something and we can follow them in order)

-Go through the ingredient list with the students using picture cue cards as seen in the photo above (can get a student to help stick the pictures on the board as you go through them and ask students to try and identify the ingredient on the picture card as you point to the word on the recipe)

-Go through the method using gestures/actions to explain what each step will include (This can be brief as they may be loosing focus and they will see the method happen as they do it).

-After washing hands (and considering for allergies) Have students (in two groups, one with EA if necessary) go to cooking area and follow the method on the A3 sheet. Allow them to take turns with the different steps such as stirring, sifting, pouring etc. Ensure that after each step, everyone stops and looks at the method so that it is being modelled to them that the order in which ingredients are being added and actions are being taken are not ‘random’ but rather in a logical sequence to get the desired result.

-Whilst muffins are cooking, class can sit in a circle on the mat and try and remember what they did and challenge them to see if they can remember all the ingredients and/or the order in which they added them/steps taken.

This activity can be repeated every week or so with different recipes including play dough to allow the concept of following a logical sequence of steps to reach the students.

More great ideas for ‘Kid Friendly’ recipes can be found here:https://www.kidspot.com.au/kitchen/recipes/collections/cooking-with-kids

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