Task 6 Option 2 – Design an activity to explore sequences of instructions

This task involves decomposition and abstraction to have students communicate the mental steps (decision making processes) that are required when playing a game of their choice. This game could be a sport (such as AFL or netball) or a video game like Mario.

Once the students select a game, present them with the problem. They are in charge of developing an AI that can play the game at a basic level. Students will be required to determine how to proceed in each situation presented in the game, and how to represent decisions that will arise in the course of playing the game (ie: mario walks to the left, if mario comes to a pit then jump etc.). Students can be tasked with constructing a flow chart which can tell an AI what it should be doing at any given moment that it is playing the game.

In the upper years, children may be extended by tasking them to create a simple AI using code. Otherwise just a flow chart and a presentation to explain it would be an excellent assessment.

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