Task 6 – Option 2

Algorithms are used heavily in everyday life, allowing you to get from a to b smoothly throughout the day within a series of steps. Algorithms are heavily incorporated in the live of primary schools students especially, concerning making a sandwich for lunch to arriving at school and starting the day by putting your bag and lunch away.

As a teacher, one activity I would introduce daily is the sequence of the events for the evening pack up. This would be clearly marked in the classroom, and eventually be able to be carried out solely by the students without instruction.

Shown below –

1. Pack up everything on your desk, putting all pencils, books, glue sticks etc away.

2. Putting all leftover work in the tidy trays, designated areas or bags to take home.

3. Picking up all rubbish on the ground and putting chairs on the tables (ready for the cleaners to vacuum).

4. Going to the bag area, packing bag and collecting all personal items to go into bag ie. hats, lunch boxes, jumpers.

5. Grabbing bag, and sitting on the mat with legs crossed, eyes on me. Ready to listen to the teacher for the end of the school day.

Algorithms come in many forms, often used in classrooms to build up routines for the children. They are extremely effective, and help to build independence.

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