Task 6 – option 2

The task that I have created could be effectively implemented in a junior primary class to encourage students to develop skills and an understanding of things being put into a logical sequence.

The activity is based off a lesson I saw whilst working as an SSO in a Reception class. The teacher will first give an example to the class with pictures of a sequenced process put up on the board. Such as the pictures of the steps of growing a plant on this worksheet and asking the students prompting questions to collaboratively arrange the pictures in order.

They will then design their own sequence of events by drawing four pictures of their choice labelled step 1,2,3 & 4 on a template such as this I created:

In the next lesson the teacher could bring in loafs of bread, margarine and sprinkles so that the students could make fairy bread in small groups and record the steps taken.


The lesson could be adapted for online learning with students filling out the template based on something that they have done at home with their family.


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