Task 6, option 2

Option 2: Design an activity that explores sequences of instructions. In the early years, this could be an activity that encourages children to develop skills in putting things into a logical sequence. In the older years this could be more complex and involve students playing a game or doing an activity. 

For lower primary I would use this resource from Twinkl ( https://www.twinkl.com.au/resource/t-n-2544681-sequencing-events-in-chronological-order-activity-sheet ), the Sequencing Events in Chronological Order Worksheet. It focuses on putting a students’ day in order from a jumble set of steps, from when a students getting ready for school to when they get ready for bed. I would get students to understand that a sequence is an algorithm, as we are putting things into steps that must be followed in order to achieve the correct outcome. As a follow up task once students understand creating and following an algorithm; I would get them to create their own of their morning routine.

Sequencing Activities | Chronological Order Of Events

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