Task 6: Option 2

Option 2: Design an activity that explores sequences of instructions. In the early years, this could be an activity that encourages children to develop skills in putting things into a logical sequence. In the older years this could be more complex and involve students playing a game or doing an activity.

In lower primary school I would use this resource from Twinkl (https://www.twinkl.com.au/resource/t-n-2544681-sequencing-events-in-chronological-order-activity-sheet) the Sequencing Events in Chronological Order worksheet. It focuses on putting a students’ day in order from getting read to school to getting ready for bed. Once students understand the concept of chronological and how this is similar to an algorithm, as they are steps we take to get ready. I would ask students to create their own personal algorithm for getting ready for school in the morning.

Sequencing Activities | Chronological Order Of Events

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