Task 6: Option 2

Generally speaking, the concept of ‘sequencing’ is extremely important for young children to grasp. Strong sequencing skills assist students with developing problem-solving proficiencies, organising information and understanding the structure of a text. In literacy, identifying the chronological order or sequence of events in a narrative is essential for the individuals understanding of the text. The below lesson can assist with this.

Activity: ‘Order of Chaos’

  1. Divide the class up into small groups of three of four
  2. For differentiation – divide the groups based on students reading ability, giving them a story based on their capabilities
  3. Cut the short stories into paragraphs (or individual sentences for the more capable groups)
  4. Groups will reassemble the story based on their assumption of its chronological order
  5. Groups will all chose a volunteer to read their story to the class – explaining their decisions for sequence

Lesson derived from : https://www.literacyideas.com/teaching-sequencing-in-english

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