Task 6 – Option 2

Option 2: Design an activity that explores sequences of instructions. In the early years, this could be an activity that encourages children to develop skills in putting things into a logical sequence. In the older years this could be more complex and involve students playing a game or doing an activity. If you are teaching remotely (online) describe an activity that students can participate in from home or in an online environment. 
This activity is designed for lower primary aged students.
The teacher pretends she gets a call from the student’s favourite character – in this case, I’ll be using Winnie the Pooh as an example.
Pooh bear tells the teacher that he has to go a no honey diet because the doctor told him too. However, he does not know what else to eat. So, he asks the teacher if the students could make him some recipes that he can make at home. Now, Pooh bear says that he is not the best reader, and would like the students to create pictures instead of words.
Then by the end of the activity, the teacher chooses two or three of the recipes. She might choose “how to make a sandwich”, and “how to make cereal”. The teacher follows the steps and might say, “hmmm… this cereal doesn’t look right. Did you make sure that you included every step?” (i.e. if they missed putting milk in the bowl).
Once the recipes are perfected, they tell Winnie the pooh they are ready and can “send them” to him. You might like to get Pooh to write back a thank you card.

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