Task 6: Algorithms & Programming

For Task 6, Option 2,

Students are given a question to answer, this can be something as simple as ‘how did you get to school today’ within this question there are multiple steps and answers for students to find. using computational thinking students can break this question down through decomposition and find answers such as ‘They got dropped off to school’, this raises another step with the question of ‘who dropped you off’, to ‘what drop off spot’, to ‘how they dropped you off, by car, by bike, by walking’ Students can find that broad questions can lead to multiple steps, answers and explanations through using decomposition. While abstraction can be used to find the most relevant and important point in answering the question at hand. With the activity students can put the answers to the question in a sequence of most relevant answers and steps to least relevant answers, finding whats most important in answering the question.

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