Task 5 – Option 1

Being cyber safe is incredibly crucial for anyone, especially school aged students. As the years go past, more and more schools are turning to a more technological approach to learning. Equipping students with the skills and knowledge of the wide web and the cyber safety they must follow sets them up for the safest, more fulfilling cyber experience.

Before even jumping on the computer, I would discuss and mind map on the board the inter-workings on the web and the safe practices they must partake. As a class, we would then jump on an excellent resources online known as – https://www.esafety.gov.au/educators/classroom-resources and go through the website discussing ideas that pop up.

To finish the lesson, I would then allow them to individually interact on the website, watch the cyber safe videos and engage in any quizzes that may come up. I would regularly plan lessons on cyber safety, ensuring all students know what is expected and all have a safe and rewarding time online.

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