Task 5: Option 1

I am always so impressed by the vast array of children’s literature there is available that cover such a range of learning areas across year levels!

To begin with, I believe it is sometimes difficult to approach the topic of safety online with young children without scaring them. My lesson idea addresses the topics of ‘sharing information online safely.’ To do this, I would introduce and read the book titled Webster’s Email by Hannah Whaley. It is an excellent book that focuses on how information and data can be disseminated so quickly on the internet or through social networking platforms. After reading the book, I would discuss with the class what were some of the problems that Webster faced with sharing the funny picture of his sister? This could lead into creating a brainstorm of information that the class deems appropriate for sharing online, in light of the issues raised by the book. The students could then write a letter to Webster and tell him how to safely share information online and what is an example of something he could share instead of a funny picture of his sister.

To hear and see the book read, follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYYyyUwKsE8

Hannah Whaley has also written more books centred on safe use of digital technology for children. This article lists those along with other technology books for kids: https://www.mrsdscorner.com/technologybooksforkids/


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