Task 5 – Option 1

Option 1: Think of a lesson idea for “sharing information online safely” or “behaving online appropriately”. Write your idea as a brief description with any links to websites, videos or books that you might use in your lesson. If you are a trainer or leader, you might describe an activity for teachers in a professional development session.


In this lesson, students will learn about how to be safe online by being careful about what you share and how you behave. In groups of 5, students have to make a short video warning their peers on cyber safety. This will be recorded and shown to the class, or even to assembly. Students can be really creative with; they can act out a scene of someone being cyberbullied, they can make a fake news show, or they could simply just relay the information. The aspects that they need to include would be:

  • To state somewhere in the video, that anything you put online is permanent.
  • To list the negatives of posting unsafely
  • To say what you should and should never post online


Here are some videos which might help:

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