Task 5: Option 1


The game, Be Internet Awesome, is fun and interactive. It takes on a clever and unique perspective on how to engage students in the important idea of being save internet users as well as educate them about the dangers associated with the internet. The game presents its viewers with a variety of ‘worlds’ such as ‘Mindful Mountain’ (share with care), ‘Tower of Treasure’ (secure your secrets), ‘Kind Kingdom’ (it’s cool to be kind), ‘Reality River’ (don’t fall for fake’. Each of the worlds presents its ‘gamers’ with a series of obstacles and challenges that need to be overcome in order to complete each level and ultimately concur all the worlds. For example, the world, ‘reality river’, introduces students to the concept that not everything they see or read on the internet is ‘fact’ and that ‘things aren’t always as they seem’.

This game would serve as a great compliment to an introductory lesson on internet safety; it can serve the purpose of a brain break but most importantly also reinforce the main concepts of ‘sharing information online safety’, ‘behaving online appropriately’, and more.

A link to the game can be seen below:


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