Task 5 – option 1

A great lesson to educate students upon sharing information online safely can be organised through the SAPOL (South Australia police) and their partenered program ‘ThinkUKnow’.

‘ThinkUKnow is a partnership between the Australian Federal Police, Commonwealth Bank, Datacom and Microsoft, and delivered in partnership with all State and Territory police and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.’


The informative session is organised through SAPOL and involves an officer coming in to talk to students. A good idea could be to set up the session with a couple of year 6/7 classes to focus upon cyber safety as many of these students will be using social media apps where they may share a lot about themselves online, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Tiktok.

This link also explains the programs SAPOL offer to schools and communities:


Additionally, following the session teachers could run lessons in health classes focuing on cyber bullying and being safe online.

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