Task 5: Information Systems

For Task 5, I’ve selected Option 1, looking at online safety and behaving online safely. Creating a lesson plan around this, students should be taught the importance of strong passwords to protect their online information, which then branches into students needing to remember their passwords and where they should store there passwords in case they forget. Students may need passwords for apps, so is important to teach the importance of passwords and keeping important and personal information safe. But also the importance of what students share weather it be outside of school or not. With what they share if it should be kept for themselves or shown, a lot of modern students use apps like snapchat and Instagram from younger ages now. Which is why it is important to teach students how to keep information secure and ensure what they are sharing on these apps is appropriate. What they could share and what they shouldn’t share on these apps can be outlined by the teacher, giving students an understanding for how to value their personal information.


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