Task 4 – Option 3

Task 4 – Option 3
Past and present technologies

An idea for a lesson that explores the technologies of past and present is challenging the students to see if they can have a guess what the technology is being presented in front of them on a sheet of paper.

I will hand out sheets of paper that’ll have Photos of obsolete technologies on it ( for example https://www.pocket-lint.com/gadgets/news/141336-33-obsolete-technologies-that-will-baffle-modern-generations)
on the sheet the questions under each photo will be listed as
1. Can you guess the name of the product
2. what do you think it was used for?
3. do you think there is a new version of the product now?

Having these prompting questions will allow the students to really consider how technology has changed and been streamlined over the years.

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