Task 4: Option 3

Exploring the changes of technology over time has immense value for students. However, I believe it is important that students understand the reasons why technology has changed. A way that this can be taught to early childhood students is through hands-on experiences with the technology at its different stages.

For this task, I decided to centre my resource around the technological development of cameras. In researching the resources on this topic, I came across a webpage written by Nancy Howe. In light of the importance of capturing children’s lives and development with photographs, she speaks of the children receiving a camera each for a day. The children were then asked to take photos of their day. She attached some of these photos and they are so beautiful!

Reading of this activity make me think about the value in allowing children to experiment with taking photos using cameras developed throughout history. Allowing the children to hold an old camera as oppose to a newer camera can help them to see why and how technology advances. Indeed, the activity that addresses this learning could be that students first use a modern camera to capture their day and then the next day be provided with other old fashioned camera to use. This hands-on experience can create discussion about why cameras have changed over time and how they have changed. Emphasis can be placed on what the physical differences were between the different cameras. Using a polaroid camera can also be an exciting addition!

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