Task 4: Option 1

The Human Brain vs. The Computer!

Inquiry Question:

Can you identify the ways in which the human brain and the computer’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) are both alike and different from one another?

This question is directed towards low-middle primary school students where it involves cross-curricular thinking in terms of students being able to identify the connections between technology (computer’s CPU) and biology (human brain). This task requires students to either work collaboratively or independently to gather the appropriate information in order to answer the question. Ideally, students have already been introduced to the concept of computers as well as have some knowledge surrounding the how computers work and their internal components before being asked to develop a response to this question. Additionally, it is expected that students understand how the human brain works to ensure a comparison can be made.

Some resources that can be used to help stimulate student thinking are as follows:

  1. Titled: ‘Inside your Computer’


2.Titled: ‘The Human Brain’


Further resources may include seeking books, magazines and other materials from the local library.

Brain vs Computer brain-vs-computer.jpg

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