Task 4 Digital Systems: Option 3 – past and present technologies (time telling)

I would like to let children explore past and present ways of time telling.

First, I would bring in all four different types of clocks.
1. shadow clock
2. hour glass
3. analog watch (mechanical energy)
4. digital watch (electrical energy)

Second, I would let children discuss about what are the differences and similarities does these four clocks have. How do you use them? Can you put them in chronological order in terms of which comes first? Which is better and why? What other types of time telling devices do you know (eg. iPad)?

Third, I would let them watch a short video about history of time telling
youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXiyqWnixqo
After watching the video, did we put the clocks in the correct chronological order? And what is an atomic clock that the video mentioned at the end?

Finally, I would let them do a simple worksheet to assess how much they know about the history of time keeping. They should cut and paste the clocks in chronological order, then write some features of these clocks. Worksheet as shown below.


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