Task 2: Patterns and Play

I decided with option 3, this is to present professional development to fellow teachers and peers. With the topic of professional development and organising an activity from this, I could give the peers the task of organising key attributes and terms that make up professional development in students. For example the most important attributes and key terms that make up professional development, such as what makes a good teacher or how do you get students to participate and stay interested. Then collect the data they provide and find similarities and differences that each peer presented to then share with each other and to find the most important terms. This is done through qualitative data that is collected from what peers already know or what they may not know when peers share there ideas and knowledge of good professional development. This can be done with students. Firstly gathering information they already know or may think they know to share in a group to then share back to the class, then the whole class shares their ideas, then all the shared ideas can be written out by the teacher on the whiteboard or smart board, and put into a list presenting the data for the whole class to see that they can record for themselves. This is all useful for students collecting data through sharing within a group what they already know to organising this data what they find to be the most useful to presenting there findings to the rest of the class and then gathering and listening to other groups presenting.

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