Task 2: Option 2

Task 1: This is a simplistic yet effective way to get students to demonstrate their understanding in relation to representing and sorting data into their colour and numeric groups. The First picture is an example of students using a bar graph to sort their data and the second is displayed as a frequency table.

Task 2: Another sorting activity. This activity requires students to sort between the picture cards and place them into their categories of children, supplies, teachers or food. The second picture demonstrates how students ‘sort and record’ their data through the use of picture and word identification. Students shade the worded box that corresponds with picture.

These resources were collected from the ‘In My World’ blog which contains a variety of resources targeted towards kindergarten and lower primary school students. It is designed to introduce younger students to data types, collection, sorting and representation of data. It is free to view, however, if one would like the completed ‘Back to School’ pack it is available for purchase by following the link and prompts.

With the incorporation of these resources, students can explore a range of data types which can be integrated into other lessons such as Mathematics and Science.

If interested the link to the ‘In My World’ blog is provided below:

Back to School Math Centers for Kindergarten


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