Task 1: Option 1

I have found a career related to Digital Technology. The career is Social Media Manager. This particular job could be related to any field, however, the one I found it connected to was Tourism.

The role of a Social Media Manager is to develop a company’s social media strategy and manage their social channels. A Social Media Manager overlooks the social media pages over multiple platforms, most notably Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest. A Social Media Manager is the voice of the brand they represent, but they also analyze the results of campaigns they produce by checking the engagement with posts, through likes, comments and clicks. It is the job of a Social Media Manager to create posts for a company, analyze the results of campaigns, and communicate with people using the companies account, ensuring a strong community presence for the brand.

I find this particular job interesting as it is something that is very prevalent in today’s society and a job that requires a lot of effort, despite it being something that people use every day, there is a lot that goes into the job and more to it than just posting pictures. I think it is a job that people are definitely interested in nowadays and I would be interested to know how Social Media Managers adapt their strategies based on current trends, usage of social media, and if the creation of new platforms affects their work in any way.

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