Task 01: Possibilities with Digital Technologies (Option 02)


Make it Wearable | Episode 02: Human Health
video url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2l3e1oNwUU

This episode in the ‘Make it Wearable’ series, created by Intel and The Creators Project, outlines the potential in wearable digital technologies in aiding the construction of a safer and healthier lifestyle. Through the use of data collection and analysis individuals can take control of their well-being and gain practical insight into routine, mental and physical health. The episode also outlines the potential wearable technologies can have in providing a new type of relationship between patients and health practitioners where diagnosis can be made early with clear evidence for intervention.

“…[Due to wearable technologies] each of us can be a researcher. Everyone can say ‘This is my question.’ and ‘This is my data.’ and ‘This is how I’m exploring.’ and they can share that.” – Jennifer Healey, Research Scientist, Intel.

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