Option 3 Past and Present Technologies

A lesson idea of exploring past and present technologies is presented below.

Start the lesson by dividing the class into small groups. Give each group pictures of old technology or any that you have. Ask the groups to discuss and share their ideas what they think each technology is and what they think it was used for. Then show pictures of technology now and compare differences. Studnets can then put all the pictures into a timeline from first created to last.

Show studnets clips of film where technology is imagined for the future.

  Resource clips

  Clip duration

  Back to the Future 2 (1985/89) – hoverboards   00:07 – 00:30
  A Space Odyssey (1968) – video calling   00:35 – 00:45
  Star Trek (1987) – tablets   Entire clip
  Blade Runner (1982) – digital billboards   00:00 – 00:08
  The Jetsons (1962) – smart watch   01:16 – 01:30
  The Jetsons (1962) – flatscreen TV   04:49 – 05:06
  Star Trek (1987) – 3D printing   00:10 – 00:20

Show images of what does exist bow. Discuss whether technology today is anything like what people thought it would be.

Students are then to pick a piece of technology and brainstorm ideas of what it could like in the future.

Idea from: https://www.simsnextgeneration.co.uk/lessonplan

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