Lesson Idea for Appropriate Online Behaviour

I would introduce the concept of appropriate online behaviour through a game – Privacy Snakes and Ladders is a twist on the classic children’s game that helps players learn how to make smart privacy choices by climbing up a ladder when they make a good decision or sliding down a snake because they made a poor decision like sharing a password with a friend.

After this game, I would ask children what they noticed were the rules for safe online behaviour. Using Kagan’s collaborative strategies, I would have the students use the game experience as a springboard to come up with a list of rules thus determining their prior knowledge.

Next, we would discuss students responses and I would have them write the best ones on post-it notes. I would draw a horizontal line on the board and discuss each post-it, asking students where on the line their would plot each risk -from lowest risk to highest risk. This could lead to critical reflection and an enriching discussion about the possible risks online and how they can be mitigated through safe behaviour.


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