Information Systems: Option 2 (App that provides meaningful information : Transperth App)


I currently live in Perth and I travel a lot by public transport. Hence, I find the Transperth app very useful for me.

Here is how it works:

  1. You key in where is the starting point of your destination ( you can also allow GPS to locate where you are in real time)
  2. You key in where is your final destination.
  3. Transperth app will show you a list of possible ways you can commute using Transperth public transport to your destination.
  4. Just click on your preferred commuting choice, then it will show you a map as to which route it will take to your destination.
  5. Additionally, it shows you what time you arrive, how much the fare cost and if walking is required, what is the walking distance.

Besides providing you ways to commute to your destination, Transperth app also allows you to customise when you want to leave/arrive, whether you prefer interchanging transport, whether you want to walk at all, whether you prefer bus, train or ferry, and much more.

Another thing I like about Transperth app is you can register your smartrider card (card used on all Transperth transport that has credit) and it tells you how much credit is left in your card. It also holds a history of where you have traveled using the registered smartrider card.

This app is important for me because it makes planning my journey so much easier. If you live in Perth or maybe plan to travel around Perth, I would recommend this useful app!


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