Digital Systems – Inquiry Question

Computers are fascinating platforms to research lots or different things. Teachers and students are very reliant on the internet and networks of computers to research. The following inquiry question will get my students thinking and might even leave them stumped:

What is it that a computer doesn’t know?

This question will get students thinking about how efficiently and easily they can source information from the internet and computers. They can use this as a fun homework task to go home and get them thinking. At first they might google search crazy questions that they think can’t be answered. Students will then realise there will always be an answer that pops up. This will cause them to think deeply enough to figure out that they will need to search “what does a computer not know?”. They might find an answer, they might not! They might think out of the box and make the comparisons between humans and computers and depending on the age group; they may respond “computers don’t know how to breathe!” This activity forces students to do some research, question the question and think outside the box.

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