Task 2 Option 1

Cyber Security, Cyber Awareness and Cyber Safety are three commonly used words which are all slightly different in the cyber world in which we live today. Cyber Security focuses more on the practice, of protection of the computers and their software from cyber attacks from hackers and from digital viruses bent on breaking down the protocols which protect the data that lies within. Cyber Awareness is more about the knowledge of the user rather than the protection of the device. Cyber Awareness is more built around the user having the knowledge about what information should and should not be used within devices so that they can protect their personal private information. Cyber Safety is more actionable than Cyber Awareness as it is about the safe and responsible use of Information Communication Technologies. These are all sorts of different devices such as, computers, laptops, printers which all transmit data and without proper knowledge and procedural use, can transmit private data across the internet. In our current society where there is a lot of data stored of digital devices, it is more important than ever to have our students well versed in each of these three areas. They are all interconnected and as such it is hard to solely teach one area without the other two areas overlapping into it. Also with the dependency on digital technologies, the need for students to be safe and secure on the internet, and having that knowledge so they do not use technology unsafely. It makes it more important that our students are given extensive tutelage on these 3 areas.

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