Cyber Safety Lesson: Task 5, option 1

A lesson idea to teach lower-middle primary students about cyber safety and privacy and personal information is to use the resources from a program called ‘Hector’s world.’ This resource can be trusted and, if anything, is actually made for Australian classroom contexts and offered by the Australian Government via the e- safety commissioner. The link to this resource is here:

For a middle-primary lesson relating to sharing information online safely, the following activities could be included:

-Students have a discussion about personal information/what IS their personal information? This could be a who class discussion or by having students in pairs or groups of three play two truths and a lie: Each person says two pieces of personal information about themselves that are true and one that is a lie and the others guess which one is a lie.

-Once the concept of what our ‘personal information’ actually is has been discussed, students can watch the associated video from the ‘Hector’s World’ series which will explore this concept of safety with personal information online in the cyber world. This video is great as it is animated, aesthetically engaging and uses language appropriate for the age group. Allow for some comments of questions after watching the video

-Now students can play a game where they try to guess the secret identity of a peer in the class using small bits of personal information. Have each student privately write a list of personal information such as their nickname (a new one invented for this game),  favourite colour,  hair colour, what pets they have, gender, how many siblings, age, birthday, first letter of name. Then each student will be handed one of these lists at random and will spend some time investigating and using this personal information to figure out who’s list they have. This fun game can be concluded with a summary of how these little pieces of special personal information, if put in the wrong places on the internet, can mean someone can slowly piece together who you are which can be unsafe.

More resources for different age groups and more topics can be found at:


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