Binary numbers (Option 3)

  1. Each student will be given a set of five binary number cards (ie. 1-2-4-8-16).
  2. The cards will be placed in order and facing down with 16-dot card to student’s left (Modify this activity with younger students and use maybe 3 cards).
  3. Demonstrate and discuss first as a group activity pick a few various numbers and have the students flip over the cards to form these numbers. For example the number 5, the cards with 1-dot and 4-dots will be facing up.
  4. For individual activity, students will be given a worksheet of various combination of off (and represented by 0) and on (and represented by 0) light-bulbs, and with the help of the five binary number cards to calculate the final number.

For many more activities, games and puzzles for people of all ages on topics about algorithms, binary numbers and data representations check out this pdf


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