A lesson for past and present technology

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This is my previous lesson plan for HASS.
Children are able to explore the technology of making ice cream in the past and present in order to compare the changes.

Main activities:
Activity 1: What makes the ice cream different?
Show children two pictures of ice cream makers (in the pdf file)

Ask children to guess which one is old and which one is new?
What makes them think it is new? What makes them think it is old?
Do they think the flavour would be the same in the past and present?

Children return to their seat.
Teacher gives out record sheet for each child
Show children two video clips from YouTube.

1. How to Make Ice Cream – The Victorian Way

2. 2 Ingredient Ice Cream – How to Make Ice Cream

Activity two: Making the ice cream

Teacher brings the materials listed in video 2 to make ice cream.
Children are welcome to use the mixer to mix the ingredients.
Allow most of the children to take part in the process.
The teacher puts the ice cream in the fridge until the next session.
(Teacher must check for food allergy and safety)
Watch the first video again.
Children work individually.

 What do they see in the first video?
 What is interesting in the video? Why?
 What do they see in the second video or when they were making the ice cream?
 What is different between the two video clips?

Children remain in their group table and share their findings within the group (mixed-abilities group).

The teacher walks around the group to monitor the students’ behaviours such as turn-taking and listen to others. Also encourage children to recall other clues in the video, such as:
 Was there any difference between the materials that they used?
 How long do you think it would take for people who lived a long time ago to make ice cream?
 Would it be easy to keep the ice cream cold?

Ask children to wind up their discussion. The whole class gather and sit in the mat area for a whole class discussion. Encourage children to share their findings with the whole class

The whole class sits in the mat area.
Ask children the same questions from the beginning of the class.

After experiencing the ice cream making:
Ask children to think about how things are different between the past and present. Would the things that they like be different?
For example: Ice cream
Why and why not?

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