Introducing Binary through Songs, Videos, Games & Explicit Instruction

A video introduction for the early years – ‘The Zero One Song’ –


Another video on ‘How Binary Works’ –


This one’s for Upper Primary – ‘How exactly does binary code work’ –


Now for the fun part – A Binary Game!

Students form pairs and each player thinks of a number within a given range (appropriate for Year Level). Each partner writes their number down on a small piece of paper and keeps it a secret. Partner 1 uses facial expressions of their choice to represent their number in Binary. Partner 2 has to note the Binary code being represented and accordingly work out the number on their writing pad. Partner 2 is given 3 chances to view Partner 1’s sequence of facial expressions.

Next, roles are switched and Partner 2 does the facial expressions based on his secret number, while partner 1 works out the number on their writing pad.

Fun way to get everyone to be creative, act silly with their facial expressions and get some actual understanding of how binary works!

Lastly, I’d like to share this very engaging sample classroom lesson introducing binary digits in upper primary –

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