‘How to start my school day’

This flowchart is meant to introduce basic algorithmic thinking in P-2 (option 3 of task 6).  It can be posted at the door, in the bag room, and on (or beside) the whiteboard.  We can incorporate several other free resources into the flowchart to introduce young children to the concept of abstraction.

For example, step 1 in this flow chart says ‘pick my greeting’.  Children can then refer to the Morning Greeting poster at the classroom door, pick their preferred greeting, and receive their preferred greeting exchange before proceeding to the next step.  Step 3, ‘How do I feel today?’ can be integrated with the feelings board.  For example, the whiteboard can contain graphics of feelings (sad, happy, excited, tired) and the child can blu-tack their name under the graphic their feelings represent for the day.  Alternatively, this emotions chart can be used.  For Step 4, it can just include the weekly timetable (for example, Mondays and Wednesdays are for independent reading straight after putting my bag on the racks).

Algorithm P-2).

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