Binary Learning station

Learn Binary Numbers with a Coding Classroom Learning Center


The binary numbers learning center is an interesting activity suitable to introduce children in the early years to the concept of binary numbers. This activity provides opportunities to practice counting as well as to use problem solving to help learn how to decode binary numbers. The materials needed to set up the activity include, table top paper holder, pool noodle (preferably four different colours), index cards, marker.

Set up: Prepare the pool noodle by cutting it into 4 pieces each 2 inches wide. Mark the pool noodle pieces into four sections using the marker. Line up all of your pieces so that the marks are aligned and insert them onto the tabletop paper holder. Use the marker to add in the dots and binary symbols. At the first mark, put dots to represent the numbers 8, 4, 2, and 1 (from left to right). Rotate the dots upwards and leave the next ‘row’ BLANK. This step is important! Rotate the row upwards again and create a row of 1s across your pool noodles. Rotate the row upwards again and create a row of 0s across your pool noodles.

  1. Take the tabletop paper holder and set it up on a low table so that children can work comfortably.
  2. Align the pool noodles to the blank side
  3. Get the flashcards ready
  4. Have child line up the correct number of dots to represent the decimal number on the card
  5. Once matched help the child by holding the pool noodles altogether and rotate them all at the same time to reveal the binary number!

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