Augmented Reality in the Retail Sector

Augmented Reality fascinates me immensely (for many reasons). As many of you know, Augmented Reality or AR is when digital elements are added to a user’s view of the real world. An industry which has heavily benefited from this creation is the retail industry. The article ‘Augmented Reality Brings the Customer Experience Home’ hones in on the benefits of AR in the world of e-commerce and the incredible impact it has had during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

AR technology has completely changed the retail shopping experience, allowing customers to have close to a ‘real’ experience with the product or service they are purchasing. In many cases companies have seen a 30% decrease in returns as customers are essentially testing a product before they decide to purchase it. Current examples mentioned in the article are:

  1. An Augmented Makeover: brand L’Oréal acquired the AR/VR company ModiFace, allowing customers to ‘try on’ makeup virtually with their smartphone camera
  2. Cutting Down on Furniture Returns: UK retailer Argos created an AR app allowing users to place furniture items in their own home
  3. Diving into the Nitty Gritty Car Details: brand Delphi created an ‘x-ray car’ AR experience allowing visitors to delve into the different engine parts
  4. If the Shoe Fits: brand Lacoste and Timberland has implemented AR to allow customers to try on shoes virtually
  5. A 3-D Virtual Fitting Room: company has introduced virtual fitting rooms allowing customers to virtually try on clothes


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