Task 5- Option 3

Option 3: The Digital Technologies curriculum encourages students to ‘create and share information in safe online environments’. What are some ways that you would have students sharing work and creating work online together and what tools and environments might you use?


I used the website Coggle, which is a collaborative mind-mapping tool. It was free, safe and simiple to use for my Year 3 students to share their ideas and work with everyone. I could set up a password for web page so only my students had access. – https://coggle.it/

My class (well our whole school) also used an app called Seesaw (https://web.seesaw.me/). I uploaded the students’ work (individually) for the parents to see and the students were also encouraged to post their own work on the app as well. It was private and I had to invite the parents to sign up.


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