Exploring Animation

This lesson idea explores animation as a topic for past and present technologies; in particular, early methods for creating animation, its technological evolution, and current/future trends (Task 4, Option 3).

Depending on the age of the students, there are several resources that the class can work on.  For P-2 it can be just watching Steamboat Willie – a 1928 Walt Disney animation — and inviting them to compare it with the last animated movie they watched.  For students in Year 3-6, it can be a topic for inquiry.  Some links that can be presented to students are the following:

Eduonix Evolution of Animation


KidzLabs Animation Praxinoscope

They can be invited to think about what the future of animation might be, or what impacts globalisation might have had on creating animated films.  Some other questions to ask might be:

  • If designers/animators need to communicate across continents, what requirements might they give to other teams to make sure everything fits?
  • If an engineer were to design a praxinoscope, what would the artist need to know, i.e., size of frames, how many frames, if it is to show a person running 10 steps in 20 seconds what should be in every frame and how fast should the praxinoscope turn?
  • What are the components of a praxinoscope and what does each one do?  What are the inputs to the praxinoscope and what are the outputs?

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