Task 7 – Option 4

As many schools are teaching remotely online as a result from Covid-19, educators have had to adapt the way the content will be delivered and taught to the children. In order for educators to facilitate a visual programming lesson there are many aspects and approaches educators might use to deliver this content to ensure students are fully engaged. One approach I would suggest would be to ensure students are able to interact with the content, through websites such as Scratch students are able to develop their programming skills in an engaging and fun manner.

Another approach I would consider would be to enrol students in a coding course, however educators must consider diverse learners and adapt their strategies, some students may find zoom calls effective, through discussing and sharing ideas and concepts they have learnt and some may find a discussion board another beneficial tool.

However, some students may be limited to the resources available to them, in order for students to understand and grasp the concept of coding I believe they should have hands on experience with computer coding.

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