Task 3: Option 1

For my lesson idea, students will use the program Audacity to record a drama script they have written as a group. They will then convert their audio recording into binary using a program called MATLAB https://au.mathworks.com/products/matlab.html

This will allow them to understand how computers represent data.

For an extension activity, students could create a secret message for another group or their class teacher, by developing a secret code that would be solved by the other group or teacher using decoding to work out what letters were used (as being represented by being 1 as on or 0 as off).

As an alternate lesson idea for maths, students could develop a base 2 converter, to work out the answers to numbers given to them in binary. This would be used as an activity for upper primary (for students with some programming knowledge). It is a suitable lesson idea as it combines digital technologies with mathematics, so students can develop their understanding of other number systems, which could then be used to introduce other number systems from other countries like the USA, that use gallons and degrees fahrenheit for their units of measurement.

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