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What is NVQ?

NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification. NVQ Courses are a nationally recognised qualification that are more specified towards vocational occupations, for example, construction. These courses are often practical-based courses with many less written assignments than traditional ones. When taking NVQ courses you’ll be assessed by a qualified professional who will evaluate your competencies within the designated objectives.

What Are NVQ Level Equivalents?

With reference to the Government website, this is the tiered systems for NVQ levels in the UK and their equivalent counterparts. This will give you some sort of idea where your NVQ qualification lies in terms of traditional education qualifications.

Entry Level – this qualification has no equivalent, but it allows for individuals without previous qualifications to progress into an area.

Level 1 – this is worth GCSE grades in D-G in an educational standpoint.

Level 2 – similarly to level 1, level 2 is worth GCSE grades in A*-C.

Level 3 – level 3 is at the same level as AS or A level equivalents, BTEC National Certificate or the International Baccalaureate.

Level 4 – a Higher National Apprenticeship or a certificate of higher education.

Level 5 – this is the level for those achieving a diploma of higher education or foundation degree.

Level 6 – equivalent to an honour’s degree level qualification.

Level 7 – Level 7 is equal to a master’s degree such as MA or MSc.

Level 8 – this is the highest award and is equivalent to a doctorate qualification.

With these guidelines, you get some sort of idea of the academic substance each NVQ level has, you can take this into account whenever you are considering any courses.

Who Can Get an NVQ?

Anyone can study NVQ courses and move their way up the levels to achieve the aspirational career they desire. Your previous experience and qualifications will affect which level courses you can apply for. For example if you have a previous undergraduate degree, you may be eligible to apply for a Level 6 or above NVQ course. This will differ depending on your experience and whether or not you have knowledge in the area you are studying.

Where Can I Study NVQ Courses?

Many NVQ pathways are available. So many people are now looking for more practical ways to demonstrate their workplace competence without long essays or written assignments. Many NVQ courses are offered within colleges or academic institutions, however many are offered online with a nationally based assessor to visit your workplace.

Practical Assessments

NVQs are known for their practicality and applicability to real-life jobs. If you qualify as competent for all the modules in your award, and demonstrate your knowledge and ability within the subject, you will receive a Pass grade. These grades are offered to those with exceptional understanding and knowledge in the field. You will often be assessed within the educational or professional workplace. This is to prove that you have confidence and skills in real-life settings and under pressure.

What Are the Requirements?

Each individual NVQ has differing requirements to apply. As mentioned before, all NVQ courses will have different entry requirements. The requirements are based around your previous experience and educational level. If you don’t have any previous experience within a field, you may have to start from an entry level NVQ course and work your way up the levels as you gain experience.

Studying Online Courses

With ever-changing technology, it is great how connected the world now is. It means we have the luxury of studying a university-quality programme from the comfort of our own home. Studying, in particular an NVQ course online, means that you can continue to work while studying in your free time. This is an excellent resource to apply your academic learning into your workplace ready for your assessment.

NVQ Construction Courses

Taking courses in construction are great choices for NVQ courses as they give you an opportunity to study a practical course while gaining transferable skills and experiences. If you’re looking to develop a career in Site Management to develop and pursue managerial duties, the NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management might be a great option for you. This course will build on your existing experience and workplace skills. You will only have to top-up your health and safety knowledge. The College of Contract Management offers this course through live online lectures with access to an experienced tutor.

Learning From Home

Learning from home is a great way to study online NVQ courses. It means you can study while continuing to work full-time and keep a steady income. You won’t have to sacrifice hours of your free-time either. The College of Contract Management offer courses with live lectures and sessions each week, during which you can ask questions, interact with learning material and get to know your virtual classmates. As well as this, you will receive personal guidance in relation to your course and how best to succeed.

Opening Job Opportunities

This NVQ in Site Management is a great way to fast-forward your managerial career. You will be assessed and monitored in your place of work and will Pass providing you demonstrate all the learning objectives. You will also have the opportunity to apply to for the CSCS Black Card after completion. This is an excellent step for those serious about a management career; this course will kick-start your life in a managerial role.

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