Task 2: Data Patterns and Play

Task 2 Option 2

The Australian Beaurea of Statistics has a wide range of data on their website that students can investigate and compare to. E.g. the ‘average’ house has 2.6 people, how does their household compare? There is also an app available for smart devices.
The following link is to a visual snapshot on their website I have used a few times to discuss and interpret visual interpretation and representation of data. https://www.censusdata.abs.gov.au/CensusOutput/copsub2016.nsf/All%20docs%20by%20catNo/Data-in-pictures/$FILE/australiaER.html
One example activity I have done is to use flags as a pictorial representation of student’s country of birth. We then displayed these in a pictograph. As this was done a few years ago, I no longer have work samples to share sorry. Once our graph was made, we the compared to the sensis data – how did the make up of our class compare to the nation? To increase the technology content of this, you could absolutely have students use Word etc to create a table as well, we could have used Powerpoint to turn our pictograms into computer based representations.

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