Task 2: Patterns & Play

Wow! This unit has been a real eye opener for me. I am getting a lot out of this course!

Option 2: Find and share a useful data source that teachers could use as a resource for classroom activities. This could be an online data source, data students could collect in their school or local community or even in their homes. Please share with the community, along with your ideas on how this data source could be used in the classroom.

I don’t know if this data source meet’s the requirement, but I sure appreciate how it presents everything so beautifully. PIVOT is an organisation that create student surveys for teachers that are based against the teaching standards. It is about educational improvement and student voice.

It is not necessary used as a classroom resource, but it can be analysed by the teacher for patterns, and solutions to problems can be found. As I said, it is not a classroom resource,  but I certainly explain to my students why I am collecting the data and analysed the findings in collaboration with them.

Based on the attached findings I discovered that I treat the students with respect and offer valuable feedback. I also discovered that some of my students felt that classroom behavior and engagement could be improved.


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